Meet the HDRX Amplifiers

The design of our newest amplifiers, the HDRX 50 & 100 was a passion-project inspired by Jimi Hendrix and the modifications that were done to his legendary touring amplifiers.

Paul Reed Smith and PRS Senior Amp Designer Doug Sewell got a chance to go study one of Hendrix’s personal touring amps at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, Washington. Laying eyes on this modified circuit and the parts used helped inspire Paul and Doug’s work to meticulously design the HDRX.

jimi hendrix touring amp

“We had to take what we were seeing and consider the guitars and the pedals that were being used with it as well as the fact that this amp was significantly modified – in part to work on American power in the 1960’s without blowing up and in part to further dial in the sound. Still, designing the PRS HDRX was not an exercise in over engineering – it’s a fairly straightforward build. We kept the historical specs where it made sense, and we made substitutions based on availability, safety, and experience. In the end, I think we have made an authentic sounding amplifier with exceptional build quality and enough power to blow your pantleg when you play it.” – PAUL REED SMITH

Paul Reed Smith and Doug Sewell

Watch PRS Artist Simon McBride play Little Wing through the amp:

For full HDRX specs visit the model pages here.

Artist Feature – Richard Shaw (Cradle Of Filth)

We interviewed PRS Artist Richard Shaw about PRS and the new Archon Amp:


Cradle Of Filth’s new album, ‘Existence is Futile’ is out this October 22nd.

Richard Shaw: “For ‘Existence is Futile’, I used my main touring PRS, my S2SC250, for all the rhythms and leads. It’s perfect for the kind of music wemake. Great tone, feel, and playability. I don’t need to worry about tuningstability and intonation issues. I know I can rely on PRS”.

Get to know more about Richard Shaw in this new episode of Feedback Loop!

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The New SE Santana Abraxas Limited Edition

Announcing the new SE Santana Abraxas Limited Edition. A 1,000 piece limited run celebrating the 50th anniversary of Santana’s sophomore album, Abraxas. Featuring Santana “S” pickups, a wide fat neck, and the album’s iconic artwork.

“It is an honor to co-join with PRS Guitars in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Abraxas with a new Santana SE Abraxas 50 guitar. Abraxas represents beauty, power, grace and the mystical, and PRS allows you to access this vocabulary at your fingertips with the universal tone that delivers power and clarity, allowing you to find your own voice in your heart’s music. We invite you to spread your wings and find your voice with this beautiful instrument!” -Carlos Santana

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Refinishing a Custom 24 – Tales of the Techroom

Our “Tales of the Techroom” series takes you inside our PRS Europe Techroom so you can see the guitar modifications we’re currently working on. In this video we show you the complete process of refinishing an older Custom 24 model. Watch Chris, our Repair and Refinishing Manager update this PRS Custom 24 from a McCarty Sunburst finish to Violet Blue Burst!

Artist Feature – Roberto Restuccia


With every new era comes a fresh mindset, and no contemporary urban jazz track captures the hopeful spirit of 2021 like “Arrival,” the soulfully melodic, seductively grooving and instantly infectious debut single debut single by Roberto Restuccia that ever so subtly reflects the fast-emerging UK guitarist and composer’s lifelong passion for the blues. One of the most added new tracks according to the Billboard National Smooth Jazz Airplay chart, the perfectly titled song marks an auspicious launch for Trippin N’ Rhythm Records’ latest signee – who has dropped his label debut With Every Turn. Featuring all original songs penned by Restuccia, the rhythmically and harmonically eclectic 10-track collection showcases his dynamic collaboration with veteran keyboardist, #1 Billboard artist and fellow Brit Oli Silk, who produced the album.


PRS: Your single ‘Arrival’ has been in the billboard charts, and your album ‘With Every Turn’ has been very well received. How has it all been?

ROBERTO: It’s been awesome, I’ve been very privileged. It all came about, writing the songs, getting the production done and joining Trippin N’ Rhythm Records. My first single has been in the charts for 15 weeks now and I’m super happy with everything that’s gone on. It’s been perfect.

PRS: What PRS Guitars did you play on the album?

ROBERTO: I actually used one guitar for the whole album, rhythm, everything – My hollow body II. It just had everything and blew everything else out the water. It has the tone, the look, the feel and I just gravitate towards that. I just love that thing, I’ve been playing it for 8 years now, it’s amazing.

PRS: What first drew you to PRS Guitars?

ROBERTO: I came across the guitar by accident actually. I was after an F hole style jazzy guitar, then this one popped up (Hollowbody II) and when I played it, immediately I was drawn to it. The way it looked was so beautiful and when the sound came in it was “bingo”, this is the sound I’m looking for. I’ve been playing it ever since!

Hear PRS artist Roberto Restuccia;’s single ‘Arrival’ performed live below.

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Employee Spotlight – PTC Chris


In 2010, Chris began working part time at PRS Guitars Europe alongside running his own Guitar repair and refinishing business. After extensive training in San Diego California, Chris was awarded Platinum level repair status by Taylor Guitars and was also a recognised UK repair centre for Lowden, Parker Guitars and Solar Guitars. During this time, Chris also volunteered for the Musical Instrument amnesty Campaign fronted by the BBC. Repairing and refinishing hundreds of guitars for free. All of which made their way into Schools throughout the United Kingdom.

In 2017 Chris could no longer control the urge to join PRS Guitars Europe full time. With uncontrollable enthusiasm and record speed, he set to work designing and project managing the installation of an all new Spray booth refinishing area, which he now fronts.


1)What’s your typical day working in the PTC?

My days tend to vary, some days can be spent solidly repairing or setting up guitars and other days I am in the spray booth refinishing models.

Normally, I start my day checking on what’s been booked in and plan accordingly, working my way through the guitars. On completion,  a work document is filled in, printed and attached to the guitar, this is then handed over to the warehouse team to process.

All refinishing work is set aside for me to examine and evaluate, a best course of action (especially if anything needs to be addressed prior to spraying) is documented.

It is essential that Paint and Stains are mixed on day of use, so I will list what I need and check on finishes to be used. I also ensure the spray booth is cleaned before every job so I am ready to rock!

I am lucky to see all refinishing work through from start to finish. There are lots of projects at different stages, so one day I may be cutting and buffing finishes that I have previously sprayed and the other days I could be getting guitars disassembled ready for finish stripping.


2)What is your favourite PRS finish to do?

PRS have some of the best finishes in the business, Every finish is outstanding. My favourite finish to work with is the ‘Blue Fade’ stain. It is such a great colour and requires detailed workmanship to achieve the fades. I also love working with the ‘Eriza Verde’ as this produces such a good colour transformation once the stains are layered.


3)How long does the stain and finish process take?

All processes vary in time depending on stains used. Some require top sand outs and others may use different colour combination for the neck and body. Elongated curing times on finishes can prolong the process, the weather in the UK isn’t the most tropical, and a warm ambient temperature speeds up paint curing.


4)What’s been the most challenging PTC job you’ve worked on?

This is without doubt a ‘Dragon 2000 Ltd Edition’ which was sent in by a customer. It took me months and I mean months to complete. This had to be refinished back to original, the whole body stripped whilst ensuring the intricate and incredible inlay remained intact. I had to then colour match the body’s back and sides from pictures, mixing and test spraying samples. The top stain was a special colour mix which I had to reproduce in house. A final touch of precision airbrush shadow work was added. This project was akin to recreating a work of art, and I was honoured to be able to carry out such work on a masterpiece.


5)What made you want to go into guitar maintenance and repair?

From the age of 12 I have played guitar and always liked modifying my own. Have to say, I was pretty handy with a soldering iron and screwdriver even in the early days! I always liked designing and making things. I used to make radios from component kits and wooden boxes to store my pedals and guitar leads.

An old friend of mine who was in my first band somehow smashed his guitar, unsure how it was actually damaged, but he told his dad it fell off the wall hanger. I am sure there is more to it….

When the guitar returned from a local repair company it looked amazing, no damage and a killer paint job. At that exact moment I knew what I wanted to do and worked tirelessly to make that dream into a reality.

6) What’s your favourite PRS and why?

This has to be the Tremonti Signature with stop tail bridge. I was lucky enough to order this model for my employee guitar and oh my, what a guitar it is!. Fat body, slim neck and sounds outrageous. The sustain and clarity is like no other. I have an older SC245 so knew I had to get another singlecut as they produce such a full body tone.

7)What do you love the most about working in the guitar world?

I love that every day is different. I am always kept on my toes, there is always something new and interesting which pushes the boundaries. I love being hands on producing/repairing guitars for customers who appreciate the hard work and level of detail we at PRS Europe strive to achieve.

Rob Harris on The Fiore

Rob Harris Plays The PRS Fiore

Rob Harris puts the brand new PRS Fiore through its paces!

Rob comments – “it has its own distinct sound…it just has it”. Mark Lettieri phones in to say hi…

The Fiore 

The PRS Fiore model continues PRS Guitars’ journey into the bolt-on, single-coil guitar world. Developed with guitarist, composer, producer, and instructor Mark Lettieri, the PRS Fiore offers a modern aesthetic, effortless playability, and an addictive and sophisticated tonal canvas.

The newly-designed PRS Fiore pickups were carefully voiced by Lettieri and PRS to allow players a platform to explore and find their voice. The Fiore-S single coil offers exceptional malleability in tone. Capable of capturing all the articulation found in everything from whisper-quiet melodies to full on funk and rock explosivity, this pickup reacts to each players unique approach.

The Fiore-H humbucker fulfills Lettieri’s desire for extensive versatility in the bridge position: enough power and punch for high-gain lead tones, but with a smooth top end that allows the pickup to be played clean, even with the volume knob wide open. Both the Fiore-S and -H work seamlessly together, producing balance, clarity, and that elusive ‘bloom’ in all five positions.

But the tone exploration doesn’t stop there. The Fiore model features a 5-way blade switch with traditional wiring (bridge/bridge + middle/middle/middle + neck/neck). The Fiore also features a single volume and two push/pull tone controls, which further adds to this guitar’s tone-shaping abilities.

Lettieri brought several personal design choices to this model, including a custom truss rod cover drawn by his very own mom. Other appointments include a Swamp Ash body, 22 fret maple neck with maple fretboard, and 25.5” scale length for classic look and feel.

Available in three colour finishes – Amaryllis, Black Iris & Sugar Moon (as played in the video)

The Fiore is available to pre order in Europe from your local PRS Dealer (see Dealer tab)

PRS Virtual Experience 2021

Watch the PRS Guitars Experience 2021 now on YouTube. Including artist clinics, inside looks from the factory floor, messages from Paul Reed Smith and PRS employees.

“Our Experience PRS events are a way to open our doors, throw a great party, and say a big thank you to everyone for their support in believing in our products and craftsmanship,” said Paul Reed Smith. “While we’ll miss seeing everyone in person, this will be a great event.”

This Experience, PRS Guitars invites you help support our flagship charity: The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

Two Ways To Support

  • Make a donation now at the Experience PRS 2021 “GIVE NOW” tip jar: Kimmel Cancer Center | Experience PRS 2021
    This site will remain open through Sunday, 7/11.

  • Also in conjunction with PRS Guitars Experience PRS 2021 virtual event, Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh has donated several items to benefit the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, including a PRS McCarty 594 Singelcut Joe Walsh Limited Edition guitar from his personal collection with a hand-penned note from Walsh himself and #3284/5000 of a History of The Eagles Super Deluxe Limited Edition box set. This special grouping of items will be available for purchase on starting at 7:00PM ET on July 8, 2021 with all proceeds benefiting the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

Since its opening in 1973, the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center (Baltimore, Maryland) has led the world in studying cancer and developing new ways to treat it. Since 2000, PRS Guitars has raised more than $3 million for the Living with Cancer Resource Program. Focused on the supportive care needs of cancer patients and their families this important program provides emotional support, assistance with temporary housing and transportation, help with finances and legal matters and spiritual care – all free of charge.

PRS Guitars Pulse Artist Program Applications for 2022 Open now!

Continuing to Keep the Pulse of Music So Bands and Fans Can Discover Each Other

PRS is pleased to announce they will begin accepting applications for the Class of 2022 Pulse Artist Program. Last September, PRS Guitars announced the start of Pulse Artist Program through which PRS and the company’s dealer network helped shine the light on leading local artists around the world. The 2021 Pulse Artist roster boasts more than eighty guitarists representing a diverse range of playing styles from fourteen countries. Due to the program’s success, all 2021 Pulse Artists will remain on the roster as the program grows into its second year.

Guitarists interested in becoming a new 2022 PRS Pulse Artist must submit their application through any Authorized PRS Dealer or Distributor. Submissions for the 2022 class will be accepted from July 1 – August 15, 2021. All applications will be reviewed by the PRS Artist Relations team.

“We’re delighted to have developed this ongoing, global program that helps support influential regional players while also helping fans and musicians discover each other. Our Pulse Artist Roster for 2021 released numerous albums, EP’s and Singles; interviewed with magazines, livestreamed performances, and even helped us with our product launches,” said Bev Fowler, Director of Artist Relations. “We look forward to connecting with potential new Pulse Artists and seeing the program continue to help amplify these musicians.”

PRS Guitars is typically associated with A-list artist endorsements including Carlos Santana, Mark Tremonti, and John Mayer, and many more, but the Pulse program turns the focus towards emerging PRS players who are making waves in their local music scenes. Pulse Artists are granted exclusive discounts on guitars, amps, and accessories through their local Authorized PRS Dealer. Pulse Artists also receive exposure through editorial content on the PRS Guitars website and posts on its social platforms. The goal is to promote these musicians and their art and help to connect more people through music.

“The Pulse Artist program also served as a stepping-stone for four guitarists from the 2021 roster who will be advancing to PRS’s Official Artist roster,” stated Bev Fowler. “They are Sophia Gripari, Jimena Fosado, German Gallardo, and Daniel Fonseca. These musicians have exhibited the skills and qualities that PRS looks for when extending an official artist endorsement, and we’re excited to continue to work with them.”

Guidelines for Applicants:

• Intermediate/advanced guitar skills
• Online presence with strong social media engagement
• PRS brand is preferred choice of instrument

Artists can submit their application to become a 2022 Pulse Artist through any authorized PRS dealer.

Submissions accepted: July 1 – August 15, 2021.
Application review period: August 15 – August 30, 2021
2021 PRS Pulse Artists announcement: September 15, 2021

Application Deadline: August 15, 2021

For more information on the program and to stay up-to-date on PRS Artist news, visit

Europe Exclusive Wood Library Custom 24 Fade Edition

There is a special room at the PRS factory in Maryland where beautiful, interesting and sometimes rare tone woods are stored. It became known as the “Wood Library”. PRS Dealers can visit the wood library and hand pick timbers for unique limited runs of 10 or more guitars often with exclusive options not available on regular production models.

Introducing the exclusive to Europe Wood Library Custom 24 Fade edition, limited to 120 guitars.

This very special Wood Library Custom 24 is fitted with our favourite 58/15LT pickups and Pattern Thin neck carve. Other Wood Library upgrades include:

Choice of 6 unique Fade finishes

10 top grade hand-picked Curly Maple carved top

Figured Maple neck

Figured Maple Fingerboard

Black Corian Bird inlays with Green Ripple outlines

Smoked Black Hardware

Black Paisley Hardcase

Available finishes: