Exotic Tops! An SE Limited Run

PRS flamed maple tops are renowned the world over, but every now and again we are able to find other tone woods that are just as beautiful in their own way…Introducing the Exotic Tops SE LTD run.


Choose between the beautiful contrasting stripes of Zebra Wood, the random dark wild figure of Ebony, the dramatic patterns of Spalted Maple, or rare Quilted Swamp Ash. Add in up-grades and features such as Tortoiseshell binding and the Exotic Top SE LTD’s are to good to miss.

These tops are available on the following SE models

SE 245

SE 277 Semi-hollow soapbar

SE Custom 22 Semi-hollow

SE Custom 24

SE Custom 24 Floyd

Tremonti Custom

All Available across Europe now! Visit your local dealer for more information.

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