The “Dead Spec” Silver Sky

Introducing the “Dead Spec” Silver Sky

A twist on a well loved model, we are thrilled to introduce the PRS “Dead Spec” Silver Sky. Paul Reed Smith and the PRS team designed this guitar for John Mayer during his time with Dead & Company on their last tour. It pays homage to Jerry Garcia’s iconic “Alligator” guitar, both in its tone and with the addition of unique features. Below, get a closer look at the “Dead Specs” and see what John himself had to say about the development of the guitar, and how he knew it was something special.

“After playing the Silver Sky designed for the 2023 Dead & Company summer tour, I realized the guitar was special. It quickly became apparent this wasn’t just a tool for one particular job but could be extremely versatile in other players’ hands. I’m excited to hear the music that’s made on these guitars.” – John Mayer

Below, Paul Reed Smith shares his take on this unique new model:


Featuring a Swamp Ash body in favor of the traditional Alder to keep it lightweight, the “Dead Spec” Silver Sky is finished in Moc Sand Satin nitro which sinks into the ash to give the model its characteristic revealed grain. Another significant deviation from the original Silver Sky is the bridge, a modified PRS patented Gen III Tremolo screwed into the body, effectively rendering it a string-through hardtail bridge. Keeping the tremolo’s brass block in the equation adds a musical warmth to the guitar. At the other end of the strings are a brass nut and string retainer bar, which also contribute to the guitar’s resonance and tone.

Perhaps most notably, the Dead Spec Silver Sky’s jack plate has been swapped out for a brass-plate Alembic Blaster preamp. This preamp can be used as a straight boost but has an internal pot that allows players to add between 3 – 14 dB of gain to the guitar when turned on. This not only gives the Dead Spec Silver Sky added punch while maintaining crisp note separation, but it compensates for the capacitance that comes with long stage cables as well. The circuit is bypassed when in the off position.

Have a listen below where PRS Product Specialist Bryan Ewald demos the guitar:

The PRS “Dead Spec” Silver Sky will be made in a limited quantity of 1000 pieces, with just 225 pieces available in Europe and the UK. Shipping November 2023 – March 2024. 

Learn more about the PRS “Dead Spec” Silver Sky here!

MT 100

MT 100

Three Channel Command

The result of many years of R&D and road-testing, the MT 100 is a professional amp for serious musicians. Built on a robust chassis, the MT 100 features custom transformers and three independent channels with identical controls but truly unique voices.

Mt 100 gallery 3 2023Each of the MT 100’s three channels is built from its own unique circuit with dedicated preamp tubes to ensure the voicing of each channel is exactly as intended. The Clean channel (like the MT 15) stays pristine and chimey – try it with split or single coils to hear it sing. The Gain channel (also like the MT 15) gets lush heavy tones with massive bass response that is never muddy. And, the added Overdrive channel (modeled after one of Tremonti’s favorite personal amps) brings an incredibly flexible gain structure and musical midrange response to this already versatile amp platform. Select your channel on the amp face or via the included footswitch – both feature matching channel lights so you’ll never lose your place. All three channels share the same preamp tube type (12AX7’s) for ease of servicing.

At a powerful 100 watts, the value of the MT 100 well exceeds its price tag. It is a straightforward, powerful amp full of aggression and articulation, and the onboard effects loop means your pedals are welcome to join the party.

Please note: Mind your master…volume that is. On the Overdrive and especially on the Lead channel, keep the Master down to start. On the Lead Channel, keep the Master below 10 o’clock to avoid dangerous volumes!


New SE Models for 2024

Meet the SE CE 24, SE Swamp Ash Special, & SE Custom 24 Quilt

The SE Series of PRS guitars will continue to grow in 2024, adding three new models to the lineup: the SE Custom 24 Quilt, SE CE 24, and SE Swamp Ash Special.


The PRS SE Custom 24 Quilt brings the original PRS to the more-accessible SE Series with the addition of a quilted maple top veneer and matching quilted maple headstock veneer. This model’s polished aesthetic gives the guitar stage-worthy style to go with its road-worthy reliability.

With a 24-fret, 25” scale length, Wide Thin maple neck, the SE Custom 24 Quilt is comfortable and addictive to play. The 85/15 “S” dual humbuckers and 3-way blade switch with push/pull coil split tone control offer versatility and full-spectrum tone. A fitting workhorse for touring musicians, professional players, and at home guitarists alike.

Click here for specs.


The PRS SE CE 24 pairs the traditional PRS Custom 24 combination of a maple top, mahogany back, and rosewood fretboard with a bolt-on maple neck. The added snap and response of bolt-on construction has been an essential part of guitar history from the beginning, and the CE’s voice and appointments carry that tradition forward with PRS’s unique spin on a classic. The 85/15 “S” pickups provide extended high and low end with clarity and balance, while the push/pull tone control adds the versatility of coil splits. The PRS SE CE 24 delivers tone, playability, and classic PRS looks that players of all styles can rock.

The PRS CE was originally introduced in 1988 and joins the SE Series for the first time for 2024.

Click here for specs.



The PRS SE Swamp Ash Special is a unique offering in the growing PRS SE Series. With a swamp ash body and 22-fret maple neck with maple fretboard, the SE Swamp Ash Special is a fresh face and versatile voice.

The 85/15 “S” pickups flank a PRS-Designed AS-01 Single Coil “S” pickup in the middle position. The AS-01 Single Coil features both alnico and steel (hence the name), which adds mass to the pickups helping to create a powerful sound. Paired with a push-pull tone control and 3-way pickup switch, this pickup/electronics package gives players an array of sounds to enjoy, and the addition of PRS’s patented tremolo adds a touch more versatility. The overall tone of the PRS SE Swamp Ash Special offers tight lowend, bright but mellow high-end, and a welcome twangy tone that can reach “hot country,” blues, and even jazz territory.

Click here for specs.

Check in with your local PRS dealer for availability!


Meet Our Newest SE Lefty Models!

Lefties rejoice! We have 5 new and exciting SE models hitting stores today, make sure to contact your PRS dealer to see if they have any available stock! And remember, the PRS SE Custom 24 Lefty is always available!

Need some help deciding which model is the one for you? Take a look at these quick jam videos featuring the SE Custom 24-08 Lefty, SE Standard 24-08 Lefty, SE 277 Lefty, and SE Custom 24 “Floyd” Lefty!

See more specs and get to know the new left-handed models below!


The Custom 24 is the quintessential PRS guitar: the iconic guitar that started it all back in 1985. The Custom 24-08 keeps all the foundational specs of the instrument, while taking the Custom platform to new sonic territories. Like the Core Series and S2 Series instrument, the SE Custom 24-08 features two mini-toggle coil-split switches that individually split the humbuckers into true single coils for a total of eight pickup configurations. Classic design elements include a maple top, mahogany back, rosewood fretboard, 24 frets, 25” scale length, bird inlays, signature headstock logo, and PRS patented molded tremolo.



The SE Standard 24-08 is a mahogany-body workhorse guitar with powerful hum- bucking and true single-coil tones in one instrument. Its PRS TCI “S” pickups are paired with a 3-way toggle switch and two mini-toggle coil split switches that individually split the humbuckers into true single coils for a total of eight pickup configurations. Players can enjoy two full octaves thanks to the 24-fret, 25” scale length rosewood fretboard and wide thin maple neck, and the PRS patented, molded tremolo gives players added flexibility and control over their playing. With sonic range and rock-solid reliability, the PRS SE Standard 24-08 will keep you playing without compromise.


The SE Custom 24 “Floyd” brings the legendary Floyd Rose bridge to PRS’s most- famous model: the Custom 24. The Floyd Rose 1000 Series Tremolo gives players new phrasing options and the confidence to flutter or dive bomb without going out of tune. Additional appointments include a 24 fret, 25” scale length, wide thin maple neck, and 85/15 “S” pickups that deliver remarkable clarity and extended high and low end (no mud when you go for the throat!). So dive, bend, play with harmonics, and have fun with the SE Custom 24 “Floyd” guitar…it can take whatever you’ve got.


Built with a longer 27.7” scale length, the SE 277 is perfect for heavier, more aggressive guitar playing. But this is no one-trick pony. The 277’s 85/15 “S” pickups were designed to deliver remarkable clarity and extended high and low end, allowing the 277 to handle blues and funk with flair as well. Additional appointments include a string-through bridge design for strong, resonant tone.

Whether you’re interested in rocking a clean tone, picking bass lines beneath higher melodies on one guitar, or chugging out the heaviest drop-tuned riffs, the SE 277 offers versatility in a reliable package for players looking to push the envelope. Ships tuned B to B.


The SE A60E pairs ziricote back and sides with a solid spruce top. The tone favors a full bottom end with rolled-off highs reminiscent of some vintage acoustic guitars. When matched with PRS hybrid “X”/Classical bracing, which allows the top to freely vibrate, the SE A60E’s voice projects with breathtaking volume and delicate nuance. The Angelus Cutaway body shape delivers comfort and playability, well suited for picking and fingerstyle playing.

Plugged in, the PRS-Voiced Fishman Sonitone pickup system delivers dynamic, organic tone and allows players to easily take this guitar from rehearsal to the stage. This electronics system features an undersaddle pickup and soundhole mounted preamp with easy-to-access volume and tone controls.

The SE A60E is beautifully appointed with abalone and figured maple accents. Additional high-quality features include a solid spruce top, ebony fretboard and bridge, bone nut and saddle, as well as PRS trademark bird inlays and headstock design. Ships with a high-quality hardshell case.

Click the Dealers tab to see if your local dealer has any stock available!

SE Gift Pack Giveaway!

Exclusive PRS SE Gift Pack Giveaway and Sonzera 20 Giveaway!

Limited-Time Offer!

Buy a brand new PRS SE electric guitar from any of our participating dealers (See List below), and receive an incredible gift pack of premium PRS accessory items, valued at £135/€155, absolutely free! To qualify, your purchase must be made between September 8th, 2023, and midnight on October 8th, 2023.


The SE Gift Pack Giveaway includes:

  • PRS 2.75” wide Jacquard strap
  • PRS Classic instrument cable (18 ft)
  • PRS Classic Strings
  • PRS Rechargeable clip-on Headstock tuner
  • 12-pack of PRS picks

BONUS – Win a PRS Sonzera 20 Combo Amp! When you purchase an exceptional SE guitar, you also enter the chance to win a PRS Sonzera 20 combo amplifier! The newly upgraded Sonzera 20 delivers outstanding sound, versatility, and pairs perfectly with your new SE guitar. PRS Europe will randomly select one lucky winner from all customers who have applied for the Gift Pack Giveaway to receive a Sonzera 20 free of charge!

How to Claim Your Gift Pack:

  1. After your purchase, send a scan or JPEG of your dealer invoice to Please include your name, delivery address, email and phone number.
  2. PRS Guitars Europe will then validate your claim and prepare your SE gift pack.
  3. You will then receive your SE gift pack between 5-10 working days for UK shipping, and 10-20 days for Europe shipping.
  4. Please note that items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. All invoice claims must be from one of the participating dealers from the list below.
  5. See below for all T’s & C’s **

** TERMS AND CONDITIONS ** At PRS Guitars Europe, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our decision regarding the gift pack and Sonzera 20 amp giveaway is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. Please note that gift pack items may be substituted at PRS Europe’s discretion. Ensure to claim your gift pack by October 31st, 2023. The dealer invoice for your SE purchase must be a dealer on the participating dealer list below for your gift pack to be valid. This offer is only valid for purchases made at participating dealers between September 8th to October 8th 2023 only, and gift packs can be claimed until October 31st.

Participating Dealers:

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Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to enhance your musical journey with PRS quality and stand a chance to win a Sonzera 20. Visit your nearest participating dealer and take advantage of this exclusive offer today!





Meet Tom Collett, a Tech here at PRS Guitars Europe. Tom is a down to earth, hard-working team member, and has worked at PRS for 6 years. We asked Tom what his typical day at PRS Europe involves, his favourite hobbies outside of work and more…

Read our interview with Tom below!


PRS: What is your typical day working in the tech room?

TOM: My typical day starts off with coffee, most importantly. Then we have a team discussion about what’s coming in that day or over the next week, and what the orders and priorities are for the guitars. Next, we select the guitars and begin working on setups: neck and truss rod adjustments, checking the nut, bridge/saddle height, we check everything …!

PRS: What is the most important tool for your line of work?

TOM: I believe one of my most important tools for the job are the nut files. Having the nut slots cut to the correct height and width to suit the relevant string is vital to helping with tuning stability. This allows the strings on the guitar to pass through the nut slot as smoothly as possible. In my opinion, flaring the back of each nut slot is equally important in lowering the amount of break angle towards the tuners to help the guitar stay in tune. Especially on guitars with a tremolo system.

PRS: What are a few of your hobbies outside of work?

TOM: Where do I start with this? I have a lot… I play a lot of guitar in my spare time, naturally. I had been in an originals band called Hollowstar that has toured all over the UK and in Europe which was an unforgettable experience. The venues, festivals, and other various gigs we played as a band were amazing and I’m very grateful for having had the opportunity to have done it. But, after around 7 years I decided to ‘call that a day’ and get back into motocross, which was one my greatest passions. Most of the time is spent cleaning, maintaining, repairing, and spending money on the bike, but I guess that’s all part of having one. It’s quite the stress reliever once I get the bike out for a days riding with my mates on as many different tracks as I can. My other hobby and passion is cars. I have a Honda Integra DC5 Type R that I imported from Japan. It’s my dream car and is another toy that I spend a small fortune on, taking it to various car shows and I spend a lot of time keeping it in pristine condition which, for a twenty one year old car, it’s immaculate.

PRS: How long have you been at PRS? Can you tell us the story of how you landed here?

TOM: This will be my 6th year working for PRS. I have always wanted to work with guitars but I wasn’t really sure on how to get started. I have had many different jobs over the years from warehousing and forklift driving, to carpentry, roof thatching and 9 years of printing. I left the world of printing to have a more flexible job of going back to the building trade to continue carpentry and labouring, to suit the band. I wasn’t sure about how long that could last as my hands were taking quite the punishment, making it rather unsuitable for a gigging guitar player. That’s when I saw the advert for a warehouse job for PRS. I never thought I’d get an interview let alone a position working for the company who made my favourite guitars. Now I work in the tech room setting up guitars every day which is my absolute dream job and I’ve never looked back!


PRS: Who is your favourite guitarist? Band?

TOM: That’s difficult. I’ve always been a big fan of Slash and Guns N’ Roses. I like guitarists that have “feel”. I like guitar players that have the “It’s not what you play, it’s how you play it” thing. Making nothing sound like something, less is more in some cases. I’ve been a big fan of Rage Against The Machine, Deftones, Periphery, Alter Bridge. Anything with a good, heavy groove really. Depends on the mood I’m in. It just has to be primarily guitar based 😉


PRS: What is your favourite PRS and why?

TOM: My favourite PRS is my 2 year employee Tremonti. The top I chose is just insane. I had it finished in Charcoal Contour Burst which I think really suits the grain and when I first opened the case it just blew me away. I’ve since changed the pickup rings to black and the control knobs to smaller black ones, and made a rosewood truss rod cover just to make it more my own. It just plays like butter and really suits my style of playing, plus it’s just beautiful to look at. I also have a 30th Anniversary Custom 24 in Charcoal Burst (a bit of a running theme here I think…) which has been completely customised to suit me. It’s been fitted with a Tremonti bridge pickup and Vintage Bass neck pickup, slower volume knob, black pickup rings and Stainless Steel frets which (for me) really made every note come alive. The playability and overall feel of the guitar is just unreal!!

PRS: What’s your top tips for setting up a PRS guitar?

TOM: I would say after the nut slots, pickup height is really important. It doesn’t sound like it would make that much difference, but having the right height and distance from the strings (about 2mm) can help with tuning stability and overall tone. Too close and they can sound distorted, and too far away they can be quite quiet. Plus – having the heights suitable for the volume differences in each pickup, making the sound from the guitar more consistent.


PRS: What do you love most about working in the guitar world?

TOM: All the models of PRS available depending on the sound the customer is after! Obviously seeing all the different Private Stock guitars, they’re just works of art. The different types of exotic woods, finishes, and colours just blows my mind. Seeing what choices and combinations people have spec’d or ordered really gives you inspiration with what is possible, when one day I can hopefully order mine ;-D

PRS: Can you share your favourite PRS memory or moment?

TOM: My favourite moment that stands out to me was when Aaron, Kieran, and myself all received our employee guitars on the same day. None of us knew they would be on the same shipment. We had all been (not so patiently) waiting to get them delivered. It was so worth the wait, and when we finally got to open the box that had our name on it containing “THE” PRS that we chose, with the wood, model, and colour of our choice, signed by the man himself along with “EMPLOYEE GUITAR CUSTOM BUILT FOR TOM COLLET” written on it, it was genuinely a very special moment. It was like receiving a Private Stock just for me. I’m very grateful and very, very lucky.

PRS Pulse Artists 2024 Applications Open

Now Accepting Applications for the 2024 Class of PRS Pulse Artists!

We are now accepting applications for the Class of 2024 PRS Pulse Artist Program. Now in its fourth year, the PRS Pulse Artist Program continues to shine a light on leading regional artists from around the world through PRS’s dealer network and beyond.

We created the Pulse Artist program to help influential guitar players form stronger relationships with their go-to retail store and each other. Through the program, PRS Pulse Artists are granted exclusive discounts on guitars, amps, and accessories through their local Authorized PRS Dealer. In addition to their exclusive discounts, Pulse Artists will also receive an exclusive membership kit that includes PRS strings, picks, cables, and more! Pulse Artists also receive exposure through editorial content on the PRS Guitars website and posts on its social platforms. Adding “PRS Guitars Pulse Artist” to their resume has also helped many of these players connect with venues and potential sponsors.

The current Pulse Artist roster currently boasts more than 85 guitarists, representing a diverse range of playing styles and genres from twenty countries. The goal is to amplify these musicians and their art and help to connect more people through music.

“We are excited to continue the Pulse Program as a platform to discover new talent, foster connections amongst a diverse community of guitar players, and help fans and musicians discover each other,” said PRS Director of Artist Relations Bev Fowler. “The Class of 2023 Pulse Artists have been busy releasing numerous albums, EP’s and Singles, livestreaming performances, and collaborating with each other and sometimes Official PRS artists. We look forward to connecting with new Pulse Artists in 2024 and seeing the program continue to help amplify these musicians.” – Bev Fowler, Director of Artist Relations

All guitarists interested in becoming a 2024 PRS Pulse Artist must submit their application through an Authorized PRS Dealer or Distributor (see list below). Submissions for the 2024 class will be accepted from June 30 – August 31, 2023. All applications will be reviewed by the PRS Artist Relations team. For more information on the program and to stay up-to-date on PRS Artist news, click here and be sure to follow #prspulseartist on Instagram.

Applications will be accepted June 30th – August 31st 2023.

Class of 2024 will be announced on September 30, 2023.

How To Apply

Please visit your local authorized PRS dealer to inquire about applying for this program:





























































































MUSIC 3000

















John mclaughlin limited 2023 gallery 2

“Playing music is a way of being. Playing an instrument requires you to move out of the normal level of consciousness. If you’re thinking, you’re not playing. If you’re playing, you’re not thinking. If you have problems with your instrument, you’re not going to move out of the thinking zone and into your own world. This is why I love my guitar. For me, it’s perfect.” – John McLaughlin

The PRS Private Stock John McLaughlin is a classic instrument that has been meticulously spec’d by Paul Reed Smith to honor John McLaughlin. All of the woods were specially chosen by Smith for their tone, figure, and weight. The specs are fairly straightforward: maple top, mahogany back, hormigo neck (a tone wood used on marimbas for sound-producing tines) with an African blackwood fretboard, 22 frets, 25” scale length, Pattern neck, PRS’s patented Gen III tremolo, and PRS Phase III tuners.

John mclaughlin limited 2023 gallery 8

Some of the more particular details on this model are in the finish, pickups, and electronics. The guitar is finished in high-gloss nitro with an unfinished neck with clear grain filler for a smooth, natural playing feel. The TCI pickups feature American Alnico and are paired with volume and tone controls with a 3-way toggle pickup switch and two mini-toggle EQ switches. The mini-toggles act as tuned high-pass filters when engaged (in the up position), removing shelved low-end and allowing the high frequencies through for more clarity and musical highs.

“Being John’s guitar maker is an honorI fought decades for, and to now be able to give him a signature model is a special moment for me and hopefully the industry,” said Paul Reed Smith. “These guitars were designed to both feel like magic when you pick them up but also disappear in your hands so you can just focus on playing. John is capable of playing at extraordinary speed and with this instrument, you hear every note. Finding that balance as a guitar maker and coaxing every bit of sound out of the guitar was the key.”

John mclaughlin limited 2023 gallery 7

Paul Reed Smith and Paul Miles have signed each Private Stock John McLaughlin model on the back of the headstock. As an added detail, John McLaughlin has autographed the back- plate of each instrument. Only 200 PRS Private Stock John McLaughlin guitars will be made in 2023.

PRS NF 53 and Myles Kennedy Signature

Introducing the PRS NF 53 and Myles Kennedy Signature

Introducing the PRS NF 53 and Myles Kennedy Signature

Classic tones with modern design.

Meet the PRS NF 53 and Myles Kennedy Signature, the two newest models in PRS’s bolt-on lineup.


Inspired by one of Paul Reed Smith’s vintage guitars from 1953, the PRS NF 53 combines a swamp ash body and 22-fret, 25.5” scale length bolt-on maple neck with maple fretboard with a special set of PRS Narrowfield pickups. The PRS Narrowfield DD (Deep Dish) pickups are made with taller bobbins to fit more winds and extra metal pieces in between the magnets for a more focused, powerful tone.

“I am so pleased with the feedback from the artists who have played this guitar – everyone is telling us that we have something special here,” said Paul Reed Smith. “If you are a fan of this style and tone, the NF 53 will take you where you want to go. To me to have this kind of beautiful high end without the hum is game changing.”

Paired with a volume and tone control and 3-way blade pickup switch, the NF 53 allows players to easily dial in their sound. The steel plate style bridge, PRS vintage style tuners, and nickel hardware all work together to provide precise and reliable tuning stability while promoting sustain and powerful tone.

The PRS NF 53 is available in four stunning finishes: White Doghair, Black Doghair, Blue Matteo, and McCarty Tobacco Sunburst. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, the PRS NF 53 is an addictive guitar you won’t want to put down.

Learn more about the NF 53 Here.


We’re excited to introduce Myles Kennedy’s first signature model. Known for his work in Alter Bridge, Slash and the Conspirators, and his own solo recordings, Kennedy is an accomplished guitarist who brings blues and jazz style to rock guitar playing. This new signature model mirrors Kennedy’s rock sensibilities with a nod to historic designs. While the aesthetic may have players hearing chicken pickin’ in their heads – and this guitar can certainly reach twang territory – it is made to play like a rock machine.

“This guitar captures the spirit of my favorite older instruments. With that said, since we developed this guitar, most of my vintage instruments rarely see the light of day.” – Myles Kennedy

The PRS Myles Kennedy signature guitar features a swamp ash body, a 22-fret, 25.5” scale length maple neck with maple fretboard, and two PRS Narrowfield MK pickups. The PRS Narrowfield MK pickups were carefully voiced to capture the courage of humbuckers and the spank of single coils. PRS Narrowfields provided the perfect starting point for this design, with their ability to deliver thick single-coil sounds without the hum. These pickups are paired with a 5-way blade switch and a push/pull tone control that acts as a preset tone roll-off, bringing down the higher frequencies on the treble pickup so you can dig in to the fullest.

“I watched Myles throughout his career alternate between humbucking and single coil sounds without giving anything up on either side. These pickups took us months to dial in, and I think they capture that balance that Myles mastered beautifully,” said Paul Reed Smith.

Other features include a PRS plate-style steel bridge, vintage-style locking tuners, bone nut, and Kennedy’s “Geometric Owl” logo from his Ides of March solo release, representing wisdom and adaptability.

“What I love about PRS guitars is the marriage of familiarity and revolutionary. And that’s something I really enjoy about this model: it’s not just a regurgitation it’s a marriage of vintage and modern. It makes me want to play. It can adapt to any situation.”– Myles Kennedy

Learn more about the Myles Kennedy Signature Here.

2023 SE Silver Sky Updates – New Model & Colours!

2023 SE Silver Sky Updates - New Model & Colors!

We have some exciting updates for the SE Silver Sky in 2023! From a new maple fretboard option to the addition of new colors, we summarize it all for you below, take a look.

SE Silver Sky Maple - Nylon Blue


The SE Silver Sky Maple is a familiar iteration of the original Silver Sky model that was first introduced with John Mayer in 2018. This workhorse guitar provides ample tone and playability, delivering looks, feel, and sound.

At launch, the SE Silver Sky Maple will be releasing in three colors: Overland Gray, Summit Purple, and Nylon Blue.

Explore the SE Silver Sky Maple


Our SE Silver Sky Rosewood will have a few color updates this year as well — Piano Black and Storm Gray (pictured above) will join the existing color lineup, while the Dragon Fruit and Ever Green colors will be discontinued at the end of 2023.

Explore the SE Silver Sky Rosewood