New SE Series Unveiled!

It’s incredible to think that PRS’s massively popular SE range has been around for 15 years. And it’s been delivering amazing value and great quality to the masses since 2001.

For 2017 there are some significant changes to the SE range that we’re really excited about…

Perhaps most noticeably, the PRS SE headstock is getting a striking remake – the new design features Paul Reed Smith’s signature with the SE logo on the headstock, while model names are moving to the truss rod cover. Looks cool, doesn’t it – and not dissimilar to the US-made models.

2017 maple top PRS SEs are also being updated with carefully-specced, new and redesigned pickups, including 85/15 “S,” 245 “S,” Tremonti “S,” and Santana “S” pickups.

The new PRS 85/15”S” pickups are modeled after the 85/15 pickups Paul Smith designed for the company’s 30th Anniversary and offer remarkable clarity and extended high and low end. The SE 245 pickups have been updated to deliver more clear, warm tones. Mark Tremonti and Carlos Santana signature models are also getting new pickups – both artists worked with PRS to enhance their signature model pickups and bring them more in line with the PRS-wound pickups of the same name.

Finally, the SE Santana is being updated with 24-frets and a new electronics layout to better reflect Carlos’s Core model.

So there we go – better looking, better sounding and all round even more awesome than ever!

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The new PRS SE series carries recommended retail prices between £775 / €910 to £1015 / €1195

Limited Edition Satin Nitro CE Models

There’s been a lot of love for the PRS CE range since it was reintroduced earlier this year – players love the snap and sparkle of its bolt-on neck construction and its incredible-sounding 85/15 humbuckers.

The introduction of a satin nitrocellulose finish option adds a fabulous, sleek tactile edge to the guitar that will age beautifully. And now there’s a very limited edition of three stunning colour options available in the CE Satin Nitro line-up…

Available only in Europe, Japan and Australia (and limited to just 150 pieces worldwide), the new short-run series comes in Faded Grey Cherryburst, Faded Grey Blueburst and Faded Grey Purpleburst and sports all the expected CE appointments. That mean a super comfortable, sleek-feeling ‘black out’ neck (Wide Thin carve), shallow carved maple top, mahogany body (toned to match top)and rosewood fingerboard with birds inlays; hardware includes those magical 85/15 humbuckers with 3-way toggle and push-pull coiltaps, PRS Phase II machineheads and PRS tremolo.

The new PRS CE24 Satin Nitro carries a recommended retail price of £1999 / €2349, which includes a PRS premium gigbag.