A New Brace Of Baritones!

And now for something a little different..

We’re very happy to announce that the 2016 PRS SE line-up will feature a pair of baritone models – the SE277 and SE277 Semi Hollow Soapbar.

Tuned B to B (two and a half steps below standard), the two new guitars are designed to give a taut, muscular low end with powerful aggressive tones – and offer the flexibility of going from chimey clean sounds, to warm depth, to articulate tonal hostility.

Named for its baritone 27.7” scale length neck, the SE 277 Semi Hollow Soapbar takes the traditional mahogany back/maple top platform to new territories with its chambered back, f-hole, and dual soapbar pickup configuration. The semi-hollow body provides increased acoustic resonance and clarity while the soapbars deliver a balance of transparent, uncompressed clean tones and thick growl.

If you’re more comfortable with more traditional styling, PRS has introduced the SE 277, which features the same 27.7” baritone scale length as its semi-hollow brother but with a solid body and PRS SE dual humbucking pickups. The SE 277 covers the spectrum of sound from sparkling highs, to surf-rock jangle, to heavy down-tuned aggression.

Both the SE 277 Semi Hollow Soapbar and SE277 include a beveled maple top with flame maple veneer, mahogany back, 22-fret maple neck with rosewood fingerboard with bird inlays, PRS-designed plate-style bridge, PRS-designed tuners, volume and tone with a 3-way toggle pickup switch.

The beautiful new additions are available in Gray Black and Vintage Sunburst (SE277 Semi Hollow Soapbar) and Black Cherry and Tobacco Sunburst (SE277). The PRS SE277 Semi-Hollow Soapbar is available in Europe now, with the SE277 expected February 2016

Both the SE277 and the SE277 Semi Hollow Soapbar carry a recommended retail price of £795 / €1149