PRS Guitars: Celebrating 30 Years

In 1985 a long, curly-haired Paul Reed Smith took a selection of PRS Custom and PRS Guitars (later known as the Custom 24 and Standard 24) to a tradeshow and PRS Guitars was born. Unbeknownst to everyone at the time, Paul was becoming “arguably the first ‘little guy’ to give guitar making giants…a run for their money. By upping the ante on quality, PRS compelled big American companies to improve their game, resulting in a full-blown American guitar renaissance,” (Guitar World). From two electric guitar models, to a full line up of electric guitars and basses, acoustic guitars, and amplifiers, PRS has kept that quality standard and has grown into a major industry presence.

In celebration of the last three decades, PRS will be creating a series of blog stories recounting moments from the last 30 years as well as inviting and presenting testimonials from artists and players on their experiences with Paul and PRS guitars.

Please join us in celebrating the history, and future, of PRS.